Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Upcoming books

As a group we selected the next four books. Just so that everyone can have enough time to get them, pass them around, pretend to read them, or whatever people choose to do with the monthly book.

We will continue to meet at Tina P's home at 8 pm, with varying dates.

This is what's on the fall/winter agenda:

September: 'Girl in Hyacinth Blue', by Susan Vreeland (September 27)
October: 'Heaven Help Us', by Kari J. Rich (October 25)
November: 'The Glass Castle', by Jeanette Walls (November 27)
December/January: 'Les Miserables' the abridged version, by Victor Hugo (January 24)

There was a suggestion made in regards to our December reading. If you would also like to read 'A Christmas Carol', by Charles Dickens, it would add to the daily festivities of the month.



  1. I am about a quarter of the way into the book and I am hooked. Now if I can just keep focused I should be on track to see you guys in a couple weeks.

  2. Finished the book for once! cant wait for the mtg. I need some fun time with friends!!

  3. Which version of Les Mis? There are several

  4. Good question Brittany! I will ask around and get back to you on that. I am sure whatever abridged version will do, but again I am unsure.

    Glad that several people have already started reading this month's book. I just got mine. If anyone has any spare books to lend out, I know there are others who would love to borrow. Thanks!