Sunday, June 3, 2012


This month's book is 'Moon Over Manifest', by Clare Vanderpool. The book is set during the depression era.

(Abilene Tucker feels abandoned by her father. He is off to work for a railroad and has sent her to live with a pastor in the town of Manifest, KS. She quickly meets friends and stumbles on a mysterious cigar box full of letters from the past. Hoping that the letters help her get to know her father better, she is off to unravel the mysteries of Manifest.)

There are several books at the library. It is a quick read. I am a slow reader and have read up to fifty pages in a day.

Come discuss thoughts and feelings about the book and enjoy a night out with ladies and treats!

We will get together June 21 @ 8pm @ Tina P.'s home.

Anyone is welcome!